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About Us

In 1996, Youzlyn was founded in Shanghai. In order to realize the great wish of making Chinese people wear more comfortable, lightweight, high-quality and low-cost thermal underwear, Professor yuzhaolin developed the thermal underwear with "moisture conductive thermal composite fleece" as the main raw material through thousands of experiments. Once the clothing was launched, it quickly became popular all over the country. With the use of new fabrics and excellent production, yuzhaolin became the founder of China's thermal underwear.

In 2020, Youzlyn  signed a contract with the famous movie star "snow aunt" Wang Lin as the brand ambassador to comprehensively improve the brand power, carry out strategic upgrading from multiple dimensions such as products, terminals and channels, and withdraw from many general concepts of brand licensing value. Yu Zhaolin opened a new differentiated brand cooperation path, empowering more merchants and improving their store weight and product sales with the help of Wang Lin's excellent star influence.