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Certificate Of Honor

In 1996, he won the gold medal of the 9th "Spark Cup" Creative Invention Competition

Won the Shanghai Excellent Invention Decade Achievement Exhibition/Shanghai Patent Technology and Products Expo

In 1997, he won the award certificate of the 97 Shanghai New Inventions and New Products Exhibition.

In 1998, he won the design award certificate of the 13th Clothing Expo

In 1999, he won the gold medal of the 5th Shanghai Science and Technology Expo and was selected as the designated product of China's first Arctic expedition, and the honorary medal of China's Quality Wanli Travel New Century Quality Yangtze River Travel.

In 2000, it was rated as the top 20 of the top ten shopping malls in Shanghai in the year of 1999 and passed the certification of China's environmental label products, and was selected as the designated brand for the 17th Antarctic Survey.

In 2001, Yu Zhaolin was recognized as a famous trademark of Shanghai in 2000, and was rated as one of the top 100 famous brand products in Shanghai.

In 2002, it passed the environmental label product certification again, becoming the only enterprise in the thermal underwear industry that passed the certification twice in a row.

In 2004, it won the honor of "3.15 National Quality Service, Double Guarantees and One Integrity Unit for Safeguarding the Legal Rights and Interests of Consumers", and the honorary title of "China Famous Brand".

In 2005, the national sales volume reached more than 2 million, and it was awarded the top ten of China's thermal underwear in 2005

Top 100 enterprises in China's clothing industry in 2005 and the most influential brands in 2005.