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Lace small chest showing large wide front button bra


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Discover the perfect blend of comfort and style with Youzlyn's lace front button bras. Our collection includes soft and sexy bras that feature a wide band to enhance your bust. Shop online and enjoy easy payment options for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Product Introduction

About Lace small chest showing large wide front button bra

Youzlyn's lace front button bras feature lace shoulder straps that enhance side shaping, providing a flattering silhouette and effectively reducing underarm bulges. The bra's wide band and seamless, wire-free design prevent any indentation or discomfort. The back of the bra is also designed to provide additional support and a powerful aesthetic. Made from 78.9% nylon and 21.1% spandex, the side wing material offers a comfortable and secure fit. The bra's interior is made from 87.2% nylon and 12.8% spandex for a soft and gentle feel against the skin. Enjoy the gentle touch of our lace bra with no irritation or discomfort.

product properties

product name: Lace small chest showing large wide front button bra

brand: Youzlyn

Origin: China

MOQ: 1

Single piece weight::0.1Kg

Length*Width*Height (mm): 370*250*10

Bra Flanks: 78.9% Nylon 21.1% Elastane

Bra inside: 87.2% nylon 12.8% spandex

product details

 At Youzlyn, we understand that every woman wants to feel comfortable and confident in her lingerie. That's why we've created our lace front button bras with  the utmost care and attention to detail. Our bras are designed to provide a comfortable, secure fit while also enhancing your natural shape.

 Our lace front button bras feature a unique clasp design that allows you to easily transform your bust from an A-cup to a confident C-cup. The wide band and seamless, wire-free design prevent any discomfort or indentation, while the lace shoulder straps provide side shaping and reduce underarm bulges. The beauty-back design also provides additional support and enhances your back muscles, ensuring a powerful, confident look.

 We use high-quality materials in the construction of our bras, including 78.9% nylon and 21.1% spandex for the side wing material, and 87.2% nylon and 12.8% spandex for the bra's interior. The soft, gentle lace material is comfortable and irritation-free, making it a pleasure to wear.

 Our lace front button bras come in a range of sizes, ensuring that every woman can find the perfect fit for her body. Whether you're a small-chested woman looking for a little enhancement or a larger-busted woman in need of extra support, Youzlyn has you covered.

 Shop online with easy payment options and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience today. Choose Youzlyn's lace front button bras for a beautiful, functional addition to your lingerie collection.

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Specifications 32/34/36/38AB cup

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